Affiliate Cookie Stuffer

Affiliate Cookie Stuffer 1.0

Drops cookies onto visitors' browsers to ensure you get your affiliate income
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Michael Pedzotti

Affiliate income is the lifeblood of many blog owners. One of the biggest challenges facing affiliates is getting their affiliate cookie on the visitor's browser. Without this they will not be paid. This plugin will help overcome what appears to be an increasing problem with people bypassing affiliate coded links in favor of going directly to vendor sites to make a purchase (many people are becoming increasingly aware of not only what an affiliate link looks like but what it means - someone is getting a kickback for recommending a product or service).

When this happens the blog owner/affiliate misses out on the commission. Blog owners invest many hours preparing product comparisons, writing recommendations and building a post that helps the web visitor make a purchase decision - only to have the visitor bypass the affiliate link and go directly to the vendor site.

Affiliate Cookie Stuffer helps balance this unreasonable visitor behavior by placing the cookie on the visitors browser as soon as they begin reading the post or article. It is as if the visitor has already clicked on the affiliate-coded link. The benefit is that blog owners can now relax knowing that their affiliate code is loaded on the visitor's browser. Even if they go directly to the vendor, they will already have the cookie and the blog owner/affiliate will get paid. An apparent added bonus is that the product review written by the blog owner needs only contain a link to the vendor page. No affiliate code is necessary as this plugin takes care of transferring the affiliate cookie automatically to the visitor's browser.

Just like any Wordpress plugin, this plugin is easy to install and configure. It comes with an installation and usage guide (readme file), but it is hardly necessary. There is an online support page for after-sales service and product updates. One of the sneaky features of the plugin is explained in more detail on the support page which is password-protected as it is a commercial product. The support page is accessible from within the blog dashboard on the plugins panel.

Geoff Robertson
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  • Cheap and quick way to secure more affiliate commissions if you are getting lots of visitors but little or no sales
  • Easy to install - the usual Wordpress 1, 2, 3 and you're done, just like any other plugin
  • Simple interface (see screenshots) and it takes very little time to set up
  • The cookie stuffing code goes live as soon as a new link is added to a post
  • Reasonable support page with extra tips and tricks for maximizing affiliate income
  • No coding required. No PHP or HTML knowledge required. Anyone who has set up a Wordpress blog has more than enough knowledge and skills to add and use this plugin
  • Free upgrades if required as new versions of Wordpress are released


  • May require a Wordpress version upgrade to the latest (2.9.1) although this is highly recommended for all Wordpress blog owners anyway
  • 2. Some affiliate program managers frown on the use of cookie dropping practices, however careful selection of affiliate programs will avoid this issue
  • 3. Some affiliate forums view the use of this type of software as unethical
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